Who said cleansing has to strip your skin?


This balm-to-oil cleanser makes taking your makeup off at the end of the day more bearable. NAKED is designed to gently breakdown makeup, dirt, sweat and impurities. Massage our NAKED Cleansing Balm into your skin to melt the day away.


The main bulk of this balm is calendula infused grape seed oil which is an anti-inflammatory, soothing botanical, making it perfect for sensitive skin.


For some creamy cleansing, we have included kaolin clay which works to absorb impurities from your pores and gently removes dead skin.


Colloidal oat acts as an emollient by adding moisture to the skin and offers a gentle way to exfoliate skin. 

NAKED Cleansing Balm 60g

  • Massage a small amount of our balm into dry face and neck, moisten your fingertips and continue massaging in an upwards circular motion, before gently removing with a damp warm cloth.


    Feel like double cleansing? Follow up with a water cleanse of your choice.