Hydration of the skin promotes skin texture and tone; it reduces anti-aging signs such as fine lines and dark spots. Overall, the skin needs to constantly repair itself, and our butters will provide this by keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. We have made it our mission to elevate your satisfaction of your skin and never look back. 

We are a small company, based in West London and have been making homemade body butters for the past five years. We found that many body creams on the market didn't fit to the high-quality standard we expect for our skin. Many products on the market are produced with fragrance and alcohol that we did not believe our skin required to achieve healthy skin, especially in the winter when our skin is lacking in natural moisture from the environment. So, we began to make them ourselves. We started testing and experimenting with pure raw ingredients until we found the perfect concoction that fulfilled our needs.


Our blend is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, and wanted to share it so everyone could feel great about their skin! 


Our approach is to create natural skincare products, which is why most of our products are waterless. Waterless products means that we do not require preservatives  or chemicals to conserve the product, allowing our range to be made with natural and nourishing ingredients.

Our amber glass jars and bottles come from partly recycled glass and are 100% recyclable, along with our biodegradable packaging. However, we are continuously looking for ways to further improve the recycled content of our packaging.